2 Days Presentation & Public Speaking Workshop

Public Speaking is one of the top fears in the world alongside terrorism, death and identity theft. WOW! This fear and poor presentation skills may be hampering your progress towards your goals.
Research carried out by the Carnegie Institute of Technology shows that 85 percent of your financial success is due to skills in “human engineering,” your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. Shockingly, only 15 percent is due to technical knowledge.
You may be technically sound, intelligent, sharp, quick witted BUT if you are afraid to speak before public or you lack the ability to present and communicate effectively your progress (in university, job, company, office) will suffer.
Take it this way you have a great idea and you are pitching investors, you fail to present your idea in a convincing manner or you are even scared to go stand before them. Will the investor give you that big amount to pursue your idea?
Or lets say you are the smartest in your team but you fail to communicate your ideas;
i) Your manager or peers will not be able to effectively know you are the smartest
ii) Your seniors will always believe you can not be a good leader because communication skills are vital for leadership roles.
Hence, your progress in the company slows down.
If you need more examples, here’s another one; lets say you are shortlisted for a dream job based on your CV. They call you in for an interview. You go all prepared but during the interview you are unable to express (present) yourself in a very effective manner. What are the chances they will hire you?
There are countless real-life examples and scenarios where presentation, public speaking and communication skills are vital to your progress.
We present to you a 2 day thorough workshop on Presentation and Public Speaking delivered by seasoned trainer, public speaker and entrepreneur Shehram Akram who is the inventor of Personality Development course delivered at Educationary.
This workshop will enable you to break the barriers and limitations that are keeping you from becoming a great presenter and communicator. You will be given tools and techniques to make a marked difference in your presentation and communication straight away. You will also understand the real essence of overcoming your fears.
Day 2 of the workshop will see you present a topic and you will be given ONE to ONE feedback (highlighting your individual issues) so you can fix them and become a presentation and public speaking pro.
After the 2 days workshop you will be;
– able to make flawless presentation
– avoid common destructive mistakes while making presentations
– learn the balanced use of graphics in presentations
– able to speak publicly without fear
– demonstrate confident body language
– clear about the process of becoming a public speaker
– have the tools of handling tough public speaking and presentation situations
– and much more…
Total Investment: Rs. 5000/- (You will have to pay Rs. 1000 via easyPaisa or Bank Transfer to confirm your seat and pay the rest of the fee on the day)
Tea and Refreshments Included (both days)!
You will be given stationery (to take notes).
At the end of the session all the participants will be given Educationary’s certificates. Educationary is private limited company and a registered body.
Only 25 Seats Available (we will not allow the 26th participant after 25 seats are filled so make sure you register ASAP as registrations will be dealt with on first come first serve basis)

Submit the following details and you will be registered for the workshop happening on 3rd and 4th of February 2018 (Weekend). Timing would be from 2pm to 7pm. Location Hola Office, E11/4 Islamabad.

After you submit your details we will contact you for the next step.