My number one objective is to become one of the top motivational speakers in the world (and I ‘believe’ I am on the way). I use my personal experiences such as, entrepreneurial journey and the tough challenges, my encounters with fear, battles with obesity, anxiety disorder, depression and other practices as inspirational tools to help inspire people around me. I have got to a stage where I no longer fear change and I believe it is our top most duty to find and pursue our dream – giving it everything we got. This very attitude gave me the courage to quit my lucrative job at Jeddah and move back to Pakistan to pursue my dreams from scratch.


Motivational/Public Speaking, Corporate Training, Life-Coach, Soft-Skills Training, Acting, Career Counseling, Personal Development etc.

A dynamic and seasoned speaker worked with major public and private organizations including Banks, Universities, Start-ups, TV stations. On the acting front Shehram has recently signed a contract with IRK Films (the production house behind the recent super-hit Janaan) and is going to star in their upcoming movies.

Shehram is an Entrepreneur – founder of Educationary Private Limited which is pioneer in offering innovative courses and training on personal development.

My Promise

It has become my life-long goal to help restore people’s lost dreams. I want to help people realize their true potential. I also am very compassionate and I always strive to help people add value to their lives whether its changing careers, identifying their passion, having more peace of mind, helping them have massive dreams and stronger belief that they can get there etc.